How to earn money from YouTube

How to earn money from YouTube

There are 4 different ways to make money on YouTube, but in the start u need to know u cannot make money on YouTube without effort and without manny hours of decent work. YouTube will find out how much subscribers u have and how much views u get and it will automatically put you up in search results higher for more of those.

How to earn money from YouTube

1. Google Adsense

First thing u do is monetize your account on Google/YouTube (same thing) and that will give u small amount of money per every viewers interaction with ad u have on your YouTube channel. After u activate monetization u will notice short after there are different types of ads on your videos. There will be ads on the sides, ads under the video and video ads before your content is played. Google not posting ads on every video and considering some people using adblock will shrink your ads to only half of videos played.  At the first look this methods seems like promising and profitable, but there are some downsides to it also. There are plenty of people that watch your videos that just hate ads, another thing u should ask yourself why would u send your viewers to someone else for just a few penny´s.There are manny youtubers with over 10 millions of views and they make only 500 dollars a moths what is not much taking all in consideration. Another thing that is good to know is that after people interact with your ad u get only half of amount, half goes to google.  By my opinion there are manny better ways.Here is full tutorial

2. Affiliation programs

There are company´s like and  for which u can do a demonstration  or box opening of their products which u like or u think are cool. Then u put your unique affiliate link in description and every time someone buys something from it u get your comission. Comission´s are predetermined by companys and products u promote, it´s a cool way to earn from products without reselling or making them. Many YouTubers make reviews of toys or smartphone´s and earn money that way.

3. Sponsorships

The easiest way to describe this is to compare it to celebritys or actors using some clothing brand. They promote products to broad spectrum of people and they get paid for it. Same thing is with YouTube, u get paid to for example to use Razer mouse while u record yourself playing your online game, wear obey cap or just drink Coca Cola while u stream. I would say this is more advanced method because u must already be big on YouTube with millions of views and thousands of subscribers to find someone to sponsor u. After u have that requirements finding sponsors will be easy for u.

4. Lead generation source

This fourth and last way i saved for the end is the most effective way to make money on YouTube by my knowledge and experience. U need to make videos for your ideal audience, in this case those people are u, people who are seeking extra ways of income and who are willing to learn new thing in order to make money. U need to talk about things u know to do best or thing u have most knowledge of, that also can be some product u made. U give some free useful and fun content and in the end of video u say if u want to learn/see more of this visit my website or contact me for free consultation to learn more. They give u their contact information and suscribe to your channel and u follow on with them . It´s simple  making money out of YouTube, making fun videos and moving those people on to your sales.

So i just show u how to earn money from YouTube ,now go research, try and make some extra money , good luck !

Ways to make extra money

So what are ways to make extra money?

Hello my name is Renato Palic and in last 6 months i have dedicated my life for searching and trying all possible ways to make extra money. I am coming from croatia, it´s a country with bad economy and high unemployment ratio. Standard here is very low, that motivated me to search and study all possible ways of making money.In this page i will tell u all i learned and  tried , what earned me money and what is waste of your time and u should avoid by all means.

We are living in such modern time with such oportunitys for making money , never in man history was making money so easy.Every day u can hear on news or read in newspaper someone made tones of money with something ridicilous.As this day there are more millioneires in world then anytime in earth history. In this page i will show u just the good and verified ways that can really start to generate you income in short amount of time with mininal effort and as less investment as possible. There are plenty scams and non working ways to make extra money described on internet which only purpose is to generate money to the people that made them. My methods will be avaliable to all with no prerequired knowlege or with something as simple that u can learn on YouTube tutorials with just a few hours of your time. But your time for learning wont be in vain. I cannot promise u will make millions of dollars over night ,but if u get more knowlege and invest more time then i did everything is possible. But for sure u will earn some extra dollars eventually that u wouldn´t earn if sit where sitting home and wasting your free time. U want know until u try , and if u dont try and u hear somebody made money this way , and u knew u could do it also u will be sad and depressed. So lets start



There are multiple different money making methods. I will seperate them in into three categories

1. Online

2. With your homemade buisness

3. By starting your own enterprise

I will write at least one article about all given catagories. I can only show u ways to make extra money but i cannot make it for u , u can only gain from this, nothing to lose . Stay tuned and good luck !